Deborah Fields

Associate Research Professor, Utah State University

Deborah Fields is an associate research professor of Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences at Utah State University. In her research she seeks to inspire and advocate for learners’ creative expression with digital media, coding, and everyday craft materials. She works to break down stereotypes regarding who can create with digital media and computing. This includes projects which create educational opportunities in computer science to design with sewable electronics or the popular programming environment, Scratch. She was the lead developer of the e-textiles Exploring Computer Science curricular unit and has been a part of training many teachers to support kids’ designing and coding in creative ways. Her interests in supporting kids’ creative expression carries over into the growing phenomenon of child-generated digital content in online environments. Her book with Yasmin Kafai, Connected Play: Tweens in a Virtual World (MIT Press) investigated kids’ play in virtual environments. Her work has appeared in journals such as Mind, Culture and Activity, the International Journal of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning, and the Harvard Educational Review. She is a fellow of the International Society of Design and Development in Education.